“Let your body be your tool not your prison”

This idea guided us when opening CrossFit Trafo, the box that provides everyone the chance to find their account in training whether team / professional / hobby athlete or starter in CrossFit or training in general.


is not an easy sport, although it has something to offer for everyone. Training is hard but effective at the same time. It provides you with the kind of skills and power that come in handy both in your everyday life and in extreme situations. Group trainings give you the extra motivation to break the dead-lock while every challenge overcome together forge us a team striving for better and better results. Our greatest strength lies in this team experience. This is us! Ego and defeatism does not stand among us. We have what it takes to achieve. We are strong and humble, athletes who are proud of doing CrossFit.

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The Box

Trafo is a box that focuses on strength and condition development. Quality equipment on 500 square meters in the heart of Budapest for everyone looking for fun, efficiency and uncompromised CrossFit trainings. Our training program is able to provide a wide range of athletes with extensively usable and evident fitness.

Group Trainings

are based on quality movement with a special focus on teaching and correcting movement and technique. After accomplishing starter level, trainings are built on elements of weightlifting, gymnastics and higher intensity cardio exercises which ensure comprehensive and effective development of fitness. General training structure is made up of Primal Move warmup protocol (mobilization, preventing injuries, increasing blood-flow), strength and skill development and metabolic conditioning.


Groups for beginners and those who want to reintegrate start every month with a fixed or customized schedule based on individual considerations. CrossFit Start is aimed at introducing and practicing fundamentals while gradually preparing athletes for higher intensity group trainings.
Recommended for starters, re-starters and those lacking regular training of any kind.


General group training sessions focusing on practicing mobilization techniques, gymnastics, weightlifting exercises and developing condition.
Recommended for anyone above starter level even up to pros.


An elite group for pros with ambitions of competing in CrossFit. Higher level, intensity and volume trainings are awaiting for those who are up for it.

CROSSFIT Weightlifting

Regular trainings for CrossFiters wanting to improve their Olympic lifting skills under the supervision of a professional weightlifting coach.

Olympic Weightlifting

Sessions exclusively focusing on satisfying the needs of athletes training and competing in weightlifting. Schedule is not fixed, need to set appointment.
Ákos Nagy: +36 30 424 6448


Szántó Sándor

+36 20 987 9546
Chief Instructor
Primal Move Fundamentals I. Instructor
FMS Expert
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Mercédesz Jordán

Kinesio Tape Therapist

Márk Leskó

Kinesio Tape Therapist

Garas Gusztáv

Strong First Girja Level 1. (SFG1) Strong First Lifter (SFL) CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-LV1 Trainer) Kyokushinkai Trainer

Signing In

Our box is open for everyone. If you would like to try training with us or curious of the box and the atmosphere, don’t hesitate to sign up for your first session at the following contacts. (info@crossfittrafo.com, www.facebook.com/crossfittrafo , +36 1 785 1634)

If already a member, you can sign up for scheduled trainings at www.optime.hu. For private trainings, FMS assessment and anything else related please contact us as above.

All You Can Move Card CrossFit Trafo


address: 1089 Budapest, Korányi Sándor utca 3/b.

e-mail: info@crossfittrafo.com

tel.: +36 1 785 1634